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Looking for an opportunity to work on freswhater communities? Please send me an email with your research interests (half a page) and your CV (musseau[@]

Potential topics for BSc or MSc project and/or thesis:

- Functional ecology of invasive fish species

- Intraspecific trait variability under anthropogenic stressors

- Acoustic of freshwater diversity

Student Supervision

I have been supervising BSc and MSc studients on a wide of topic related to Ecology and freshwater biodiversity/

Teaching experience

Since 2017 - Freie Universität Berlin

Individual Research Project - Experimental and Evolutionary Ecology (MSc)

2011 - 2015 - Toulouse University

Ecology (BSc and MSc)

Animal Biology (BSc)

Entomology (MSc)

Botanic (BSc)

Entomology and field sampling (MSc)  

Insectes n° 166

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